Glenn Beck’s Head Writer Hails Soviet Era Brutal Dictator on His Myspace Page


Glenn Beck would like you to believe that he is a “victim” of liberals attacking him for no reason. That’s the explanation he gives for the loss of major advertisers on his Fox show. Informed and saavy watchers of his show know the truth, he’s only reaping what he’s sown.  It’s humorous that Beck decries Van Jones as being a Communist when he has one as his own advisor!  Watch out, Glenn Beck – you protest too much!

For a while I’ve wondered what was really wrong with Glenn Beck.  Today I discovered a great post by Angelo on Another War of Jenkins’ Ear (  In a little known fact, Beck’s chief writer, advisor and Executive Producer has ties to a brutal, totalitarian, Soviet era dictator.  So, what’s really wrong with Beck is that we now know exactly who is in charge over there.  Read Angelo’s post for the complete info.

Great job, Angelo!



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