BOYCOTT Glenn Beck’s Advertisers


The following corporations advertise on Glenn Beck’s Fox Network show.  If you are upset and find Glenn Beck’s statement calling our ELECTED President Barack Obama a “racist”, then I suggest you write a letter to the following CEOs of the corporations that advertise on his show.


General Motors:
Chairman: Edward E. (Ed) Whitacre Jr.
President, CEO, and Director: Frederick A. (Fritz) Henderson
EVP and CFO: Ray G. Young
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265-3000
Contact Media Relations at 888-436-6687 (h/t sueroegge)
MI Tel. 313-556-5000
Contact form:…

Campbell Soup:
Chairman: Harvey Golub
President, CEO, and Director: Douglas R. Conant
SVP, CFO, and Chief Administrative Officer: B. Craig Owens
Campbell Soup Company
1 Campbell Place
Camden, NJ 08103-1799
NJ Tel. 856-342-4800
Toll Free 800-257-8443
Fax 856-342-3878
Contact form:…

Chrysler Group LLC:
Chairman: C. Robert (Bob) Kidder
CEO and Director: Sergio Marchionne
SVP and CFO: Ronald E. Kolka
1000 Chrysler Dr.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2766
MI Tel. 248-576-5741
Toll Free 800-992-1997
Contact form:…

The Procter & Gamble Company
Chairman: Alan G. (A.G.) Lafley
President, CEO, and Director: Robert A. (Bob) McDonald
CFO: Jon R. Moeller
1 Procter & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH 45202
OH Tel. 513-983-1100
Fax 513-983-9369
Contact form:…

Pfizer Inc.
Chairman and CEO: Jeffrey B. (Jeff) Kindler
Chairman Emeritus: William C. Steere Jr.
Chairman Emeritus: M. Anthony Burns
235 E. 42nd St.
New York, NY 10017-5755
NY Tel. 212-573-2323
Contact page:… (h/t MmeVoltaire)

Kellogg Company
Chairman: James M. (Jim) Jenness
President, CEO, and Director: A. D. David Mackay
EVP, COO, and CFO: John A. Bryant
1 Kellogg Sq.
Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599
Contact media at 800-323-0768 (h/t sueroegge)
MI Tel. 269-961-2000
Toll Free 800-962-1413
Fax 269-961-2871
Media email:

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Chairman: S. Robson (Rob) Walton
President, CEO, and Director: Michael T. (Mike) Duke
EVP and COO: William S. (Bill) Simon
702 SW 8th St.
Bentonville, AR 72716
AR Tel. 479-273-4000
Fax 479-277-1830
Contact form:…

Kraft Foods Inc.
Chairman and CEO: Irene B. Rosenfeld
EVP Operations and Business Services: David A. (Dave) Brearton
EVP and CFO: Timothy R. (Tim) McLevish
3 Lakes Dr.
Northfield, IL 60093
Contact #: 1 800 323 0768 (h/t nzanne)
IL Tel. 847-646-2000
Fax 847-646-6005
Contact form:…

Nestlé USA, Inc.
Chairman and CEO: Brad Alford
SVP and CFO: Dan Stroud
GLOBE Executive and CIO: Kimberly (Kim) Lund
800 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203
CA Tel. 818-549-6000
Toll Free 800-225-2270
Fax 818-549-6952
Contact form:…


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18 Responses to “BOYCOTT Glenn Beck’s Advertisers”

  1. conservative09 Says:

    Why is this filed under “Terrorist”?

    Are you trying to say Glenn Beck is a terrorist?

    • blackoak Says:

      Draw your own conclusions. Anyone who attempts to incite others to harm an ELECTED official of the United States of America qualifies as a terrorist.

  2. Pam Says:

    I am so in. I will forward this to all my friends. We do need to make a statement to Fox and the network advertisers that enough is enough.Beck crossed over the line into very ugly territory.

  3. Mary Granata Says:

    I contacted a few of the advertisers mentioned and got two replies so far
    Dannon agreed that advertising on Glenn Beck’s show was not appropriate and promised to look into it
    Lowe’s copped out and said that they advertised through a thrid party and they had no control over where their ads were place
    Boycott Lowes!

  4. Mary Granata Says:

    I’ve heard from most of the companies on this list and they all claim they can’t be responsible for where their ads are place. Lets show them with our pocketbooks how to be better corprate citizens!

  5. Gloria S Says:

    They can not be responsible for where their adds are placed?? Someone should notify them that people who think like we do are not stupid!! These companies hold meetings every day about where to place adds, how much to allocate to advertising and at what time…you’ll never see an ad for Magic Shave Powder on the Fishing network, but you may see one for Norelco Shaving Systems! I think I am more offended by them thinking we are stupid!

  6. John1090 Says:

    Very nice site!

  7. Dennis Says:

    Thanks for the address information, etc. Since P&G has decided to pull their advertising from Glenn Beck’s program (I didn’t realize they were so anti free speech), I am contacting them to let them know that our company will no longer be purchasing any of their custodial products that we use.

    • blackoak Says:

      Dennis, we all have to do what we have to do. And I THANK GOD we have the ability to voice our differences in civil discourse.

  8. Mary Granata Says:

    It’s funny that Dennis would bring up free speech. Glenn Beck is free to say what ever he wants, but no where in the constitution does it say there would be no consequences. When you use hate speech or say something inflamitory, you excpet people to react, and people have. Glenn must accept the consequences of his actions and speech which is the loss of revenue. Nothing in this world is truely free and that includes speech

  9. Minh Kelly Says:

    Our family will not consider purchasing any products that supports Glenn Beck and Fox News as long as their advertising dollars continues to support Glenn Beck or Fox News. They do not seem to know or care much about journalism nor the fact they dispense only fear and lies.

  10. Mark Brislin Says:

    The only Facebook ‘group’ helping with the Glenn Beck adverstisers boycott. Up to date companies list, contact info, and petition links.

  11. Matt Jones Says:

    I will be sure to support any company who advertises during the glenn beck show! Long live freedom of speech!

    I’m sure those upset didn’t boycott when Bush was spoken in the same way. Or when Bill Mayer said less peoople whould die if Cheney was dead.

    You’re all a bunch of Hypocrites!!!!

    • blackoak Says:

      The TRUE hypocrite is one who sees injustice and shrugs his shoulders, turns away and never makes ANY attempt to do the right thing. Therefore, you use the term incorrectly and have no idea what motivates me to right wrongs that I see. Perhaps it’s time for you to take some action instead of criticizing another… oh right…can’t get that log out of your own eye, eh?

      You have the right to exercise your free speech the same as I do. However, ANYONE who incites violence against the highest elected official in our America – whether it’s the little shrub or Obama should be reprimanded to use common sense.

      Since you do not know me – you have no idea what I boycotted when our President was referred to in that way. Unlike you, I believe in free speech. But I also believe in respect, common sense and drawing a line when others are riled up to hurt someone else. You folks who egg on Glenn Beck and his inane cohorts refuse to hold anyone accountable on your side of the fence when violence and disrespect run rampant.

      Unlike you, I do exercise my freedom to blog and support our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution expressing my desire to hold people accountable. No doubt you wingnuts will proclaim “shame on the assassins” when one strikes….but you’ll smirk behind your hands as soon as the deed is done and slap each other on the back while yahooing that the “nigger” got what he deserved.

      You’re so concerned about my expressions of independence and freedom of opinion….at least I’m not inciting someone to violence as Beck has done. Instead of getting so self-righteous about my freedom of speech….why don’t you do something constructive to help others in this world….oh yeah…you already give “too much” as it is, I’m sure.

  12. Mi Ha Says:

    Goodbye First Amendment.
    What’s next? You design uniforms and start holding rallies?

    • blackoak Says:

      No sir, HELLO FIRST AMENDMENT! That’s what my blog is all about. And it seems you have missed the point entirely. TRUTH, sir…that’s what this is all about. What you stand for is still in doubt.

  13. Bonez Says:

    Thanks so much for the compiled list! I have emailed 2 of these companies, and will immediately boycott their products. You’ve made my search into a one-stop shop. Keep up the good work!

    Also, I think it’s funny how right-wing extremists can come in here and parade the First Amendment and denounce the ACLU at the same time lol

  14. Mary Granata Says:

    You have to forgive poeple like Dennis and Matt, they haven’t actually read the constitution or the bill of rights, they are just spouting what others, like Glenn Beck, have told them. They do show off the need in this country for educational reform, because it’s hard to believe they made it out of elementary school, much less any higher education.

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