Sarah Palin – May she vanish into obscurity!!!


I’ve devoted space on this blog to the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.  Now that she has resigned you would think she would vanish into the private sector even obscurity, never to be heard from again.  But no.  We continue to see her name and her assinine comments in the blogosphere, newspapers and the evening news.  What a shame!  Once again, ya can’t trust her. It’s obvious her resignation was just a ploy for more attention.  Hence a look at the narcissistic Palin and the latest in her round of  “Look at me, Look at me!!! Don’t forget me!!!” positioning for attention.

In today’s, respected blogger, Joe Conason, gives us the background on how the GOP operatives chose Palin for McCain’s VP nominee.  Go here to read the full story:

In today’s Yahoo News there’s report of a news conference held by Levi Johnston, former fiancee’ of Palin’s daughter and father of her child.  Levi speculates she resigned because the book deals and offers for television shows will be more lucrative than remaining in the Alaskan statehouse.   That makes perfect sense if you take into account the “Look at me! Look at me! Pay attention to me” stance Palin has taken since her first coming-out last Fall.

We only THOUGHT we would be hearing the last of this narcissistic, Sarah Palin.  Unfortunately, it looks like she’s going to hang around.


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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin – May she vanish into obscurity!!!”

  1. grasshopper Says:

    it’s pretty obvious that Levi Johnston wants any jumpstart for his book writing career that he can get

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