What Republicans Say


This poem was written by a friend.   I agreed to post it on  my blog because I think he clearly states how Republicans are viewed by a great number of people in the United States and around the world.  It’s a sad statement on what a once-great political party has come to stand for.  The saddest part is that their members really don’t care to change how they are perceived, but they really don’t care to change their behavior because it displays the following true values.

What Republicans Say….

What Republicans say:
“Family values”
What they mean:
“I value my family; to hell with yours.”

What Republicans say:
“Personal responsibility”
What they mean:
“Rich people are responsible; if you’re poor, it must be because you’re irresponsible.”

What Republicans say:
“Fiscal responsibility”
What they mean:
“Obliterating the budget with war and tax breaks”

What Republicans say:
“Fair and balanced”
What they mean:
“Biased in my favor”

What Republicans say:
What they mean:
“Human life is valuable and ought to be protected before birth (unless it’s in China, because, after all, we like our Walmart crap to be really cheap); after that, it’s your own damn problem. Unless you’re terminally ill and want to die; then you have to live. Oh, and except if you commit a crime, even if you’re not yet of legal age. Then it’s death for you.”

What Republicans say:
“Spreading Democracy”
What they mean:

What Republicans say:
“Our allies abroad”
What they mean:
“Communist China (the West’s great-big sweat shop which has reportedly forced women into abortions) and Saudi Arabia, an Islamic Monarchy”

What Republicans say:
“Border security”
What they mean:
“We need to find a way to allow just enough Mexican pseudo-slaves in here without giving them any sort of legal status.”

What Republicans say about healthcare:
“Protecting choice and freedom”
What they mean:
“Protecting my choice and freedom to make sure you’re denied care.”


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One Response to “What Republicans Say”

  1. AF Says:

    Love it. If my father were alive, I’m pretty sure even he would have abandoned these increasingly evil Republicans by now.

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