HA, HA, HA! Fooled you! says Palin


Ha, Ha, Ha, fooled you, said Sarah Palin.  You only THOUGHT I wanted to be the Governor of Alaska.  I really didn’t like representing the people of Alaska, so today I resigned.  You see, I have my hopes and sights on a position of higher authority….no, no, no…..I can’t be God….yet.  That job is reserved for a male!

But I do realize that if I continue in the Governor’s job in Alaska, I won’t be able to effectively put myself in the center of the national news.  I’ll have to focus on the declining economy in Alaska, and my lack of popularity in Alaska may “rub off” on my potential to hold a national office.  Also, I’ll be so far away from the lower 48 that I won’t be taken seriously if I do want to be Presidente’.

Additionally, that article in Vanity Fair was so UNFAIR.  Those former McCain spokesmen don’t really know the true Sarah Palin, do they?  They are sore losers and wouldn’t allow me to give a fine concession speech when our “team” lost the Presidential election.

No, seriously, I need the time to focus on my upcoming Presidential campaign.  Don’t ‘cha know that a campaign like that takes money and serious Republican support?  I need the freedom to travel to other states, meet with foreign dignitaries and shop in high class boutiques all over the U.S. of A.  I can’t be distracted by running the small time happenings of a state like Alaska.  It’s time for me to put myself first.  Pooh on the people of Alaska.

I fooled ya, didn’t I?  You only thought I loved my job as Governor.  I’ve said that repeatedly, and you BELIEVED me.  Now, let’s see what else I can concoct to fool a bigger audience?  Maybe it’s time for me to move to bigger and better things….like duping the voters of the United States.  THEN I can quit half-way through a Presidential term and actually be qualified to run for the highest position….replacing GOD.


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