Take your FEET out of your MOUTH !


These crazy years of 2000-2009!  My readers and friends KNOW I support free speech.  However, these days it seems we see a lot of public figures sucking on their feet because they can’t get them out of their mouths!

 Now we have the Palins in a feud with David Letterman over a distasteful joke  about A. Rod “knocking up” one of the Palin daughters.  This late night talk show host usually shows more class, but here we catch him biting on his toes.  He can’t keep his feet out of his mouth either!

Letterman issued an apology and refuted that he referred to the 14 year old (I don’t know her name, and don’t care to know it).  But, of course, the drama-driven Palin family DEMANDS that the situation stays in the news by Todd Palin insinuating Letterman is a pedophile.  So, now we see Todd Palin sucking on his own toes, firmly planting BOTH feet in his mouth just to keep the spotlight on the dear Mrs. so they can get some more political action and keep their names in the spotlight. 

Last week we had Newt Gingrich back peddling over a remark he made referring to bilingual education as “the language of living in a ghetto”.  See, in their fervor to be “in front” of the American people, the above-mentioned lose common sense and decent courtesy to incite a crowd.

We can take this one step further when we point out the statements Bill O’Reilly made about the late, Dr. George Tiller, before his tragic murder.  O’Reilly isn’t satisfied to just put both feet in his mouth.  He makes damn sure to step in poop before he slobbers over his fat feet.  In his statements about Dr. Tiller O’Reilly demonized him repeately with incendiary words and accusations.  In this instance O’Reilly didn’t murder Dr. Tiller, he provided the fire under the shooter’s butt.  O’Reilly sits smugly denying that he had any responsibility for Tiller’s death.  But even in the world of children it’s widely accepted that words spark the fire that precedes violence.

I could reveal many, many instances where people swallow their own feet everyday.  It doesn’t matter their political or religious persuasion.  We see so many in this situation because they refuse to THINK.  The lines of civility and manners have disappeared and we have our national politicians leading the charge.

I wonder what would happen if we saw serious consequences from these words?  What if someone actually is incited to commit violence against someone in our Executive, Judicial or Congressional branch?  Will any of those slobbering on their feet take responsibility?  Don’t count on it.

It all depends on whose ox is getting gored.  If something bad happens to a Palin daughter, they’ll sue Letterman.  If someone is violent toward someone in our three branches of government, the radio right assholes will deny ANY responsibility for inciting the crowds.  If any other health care providers are murdered for performing abortions then we hear Operation Rescue hags deny that they had any involvement.

I’m gonna be standing at the pearly gates laughing when the doors are closed in the faces of the loud-mouths of this world.  Then we’ll all see exactly whose ox is getting gored.



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