The Terrorists have WON!


Regardless of one’s view on late term abortions, the truth is: the Terrorists have WON!  Rejoice all of ye who claim to “follow the divine” to cherish life, to lift up rightousness and to walk in the “footsteps of Jesus”!

Like it, or not, the murder of Dr. George Tiller has solidified the position of the religious right terrorists in the United States.  We have seen the enemy and  they aren’t in Iraq or Iran.  We have no need to FEAR the prisoners of Guantanamo coming to the United States, the terrorists are already here!

What remains is one less abortion clinic to serve the HEALTH CARE NEEDS of women in late term situations.  What remains is a family and community devastated by the self-serving criminality of Scott Broeder, a country that can no longer live by its’ laws (yes abortion is legal and murder is not), and a confession by Broeder that he is part of many more acts that will happen.

The horror and sympathies for Dr. Tiller’s death that is expressed by pro-life supporters is insincere.  Moral issues cannot be solved politically or by murder.  If the pro-life supporters are sincere, let’s see them STEP UP and do some of the following acts:

  1. Adopt babies who have congenital disorders, mental illness and/or physical disabilities that will cost thousands of dollars to treat.
  2. Force the Operation Rescue organization to fire the senior policy advisor, Cheryl Sullenger,  for Operation Rescue.  Sullenger served (only) two years in prison for conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic back in 1988. So, as Operation Rescue claims no link to these violent acts of terrorism, they hypocritically employ a criminal convicted of a terrorist act.
  3. Spend as much money, time and effort to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies.  Why do the right-wing, religious zealots spend their money and time picketing and harrassing Planned Parenthood clinics when they could offer calm, sound, health care options for women who need contraception and counseling.  The answer is transparent: because they don’t really give a damn about saving innocents.

Basically, the answer to why the right-wing, religious terrorists DON’T do the above is for one reason:  IS DOESN’T PUT THEM IN THE MEDIA.  These terrorists CHOOSE to employ civil disobedience, just like the terrorists who act in the name of Osama Bin Laden….they want the notoriety, publicity and to be noticed.

If these “fervent” anti-abortionists actually BELIEVED in saving lives, they would.  If the fringe of the religious groups who aren’t actually involved in terrorism actually BELIEVED in the sanctity of life, they would get off their fat asses in the pews and make a difference by preventing unwanted pregnancies.

This terrorism on our home soil will not be stopped because of the protests, clinic bombings, threats and murders of pro-choice Americans.  The only way terrorism on our home soil will be stopped is when the God-fearing “Christians” who proclaim to value life actually start practicing what they preach.  In light of the way I’ve seen moral, Christians react to the murder of Dr. Tiller, I don’t expect that to happen…..unless Jesus comes soon (and it will be interesting to see who is actually LEFT BEHIND).     BLACKOAK


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