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Take your FEET out of your MOUTH !

June 11, 2009

These crazy years of 2000-2009!  My readers and friends KNOW I support free speech.  However, these days it seems we see a lot of public figures sucking on their feet because they can’t get them out of their mouths!

 Now we have the Palins in a feud with David Letterman over a distasteful joke  about A. Rod “knocking up” one of the Palin daughters.  This late night talk show host usually shows more class, but here we catch him biting on his toes.  He can’t keep his feet out of his mouth either!

Letterman issued an apology and refuted that he referred to the 14 year old (I don’t know her name, and don’t care to know it).  But, of course, the drama-driven Palin family DEMANDS that the situation stays in the news by Todd Palin insinuating Letterman is a pedophile.  So, now we see Todd Palin sucking on his own toes, firmly planting BOTH feet in his mouth just to keep the spotlight on the dear Mrs. so they can get some more political action and keep their names in the spotlight. 

Last week we had Newt Gingrich back peddling over a remark he made referring to bilingual education as “the language of living in a ghetto”.  See, in their fervor to be “in front” of the American people, the above-mentioned lose common sense and decent courtesy to incite a crowd.

We can take this one step further when we point out the statements Bill O’Reilly made about the late, Dr. George Tiller, before his tragic murder.  O’Reilly isn’t satisfied to just put both feet in his mouth.  He makes damn sure to step in poop before he slobbers over his fat feet.  In his statements about Dr. Tiller O’Reilly demonized him repeately with incendiary words and accusations.  In this instance O’Reilly didn’t murder Dr. Tiller, he provided the fire under the shooter’s butt.  O’Reilly sits smugly denying that he had any responsibility for Tiller’s death.  But even in the world of children it’s widely accepted that words spark the fire that precedes violence.

I could reveal many, many instances where people swallow their own feet everyday.  It doesn’t matter their political or religious persuasion.  We see so many in this situation because they refuse to THINK.  The lines of civility and manners have disappeared and we have our national politicians leading the charge.

I wonder what would happen if we saw serious consequences from these words?  What if someone actually is incited to commit violence against someone in our Executive, Judicial or Congressional branch?  Will any of those slobbering on their feet take responsibility?  Don’t count on it.

It all depends on whose ox is getting gored.  If something bad happens to a Palin daughter, they’ll sue Letterman.  If someone is violent toward someone in our three branches of government, the radio right assholes will deny ANY responsibility for inciting the crowds.  If any other health care providers are murdered for performing abortions then we hear Operation Rescue hags deny that they had any involvement.

I’m gonna be standing at the pearly gates laughing when the doors are closed in the faces of the loud-mouths of this world.  Then we’ll all see exactly whose ox is getting gored.



The Terrorists have WON!

June 10, 2009

Regardless of one’s view on late term abortions, the truth is: the Terrorists have WON!  Rejoice all of ye who claim to “follow the divine” to cherish life, to lift up rightousness and to walk in the “footsteps of Jesus”!

Like it, or not, the murder of Dr. George Tiller has solidified the position of the religious right terrorists in the United States.  We have seen the enemy and  they aren’t in Iraq or Iran.  We have no need to FEAR the prisoners of Guantanamo coming to the United States, the terrorists are already here!

What remains is one less abortion clinic to serve the HEALTH CARE NEEDS of women in late term situations.  What remains is a family and community devastated by the self-serving criminality of Scott Broeder, a country that can no longer live by its’ laws (yes abortion is legal and murder is not), and a confession by Broeder that he is part of many more acts that will happen.

The horror and sympathies for Dr. Tiller’s death that is expressed by pro-life supporters is insincere.  Moral issues cannot be solved politically or by murder.  If the pro-life supporters are sincere, let’s see them STEP UP and do some of the following acts:

  1. Adopt babies who have congenital disorders, mental illness and/or physical disabilities that will cost thousands of dollars to treat.
  2. Force the Operation Rescue organization to fire the senior policy advisor, Cheryl Sullenger,  for Operation Rescue.  Sullenger served (only) two years in prison for conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic back in 1988. So, as Operation Rescue claims no link to these violent acts of terrorism, they hypocritically employ a criminal convicted of a terrorist act.
  3. Spend as much money, time and effort to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies.  Why do the right-wing, religious zealots spend their money and time picketing and harrassing Planned Parenthood clinics when they could offer calm, sound, health care options for women who need contraception and counseling.  The answer is transparent: because they don’t really give a damn about saving innocents.

Basically, the answer to why the right-wing, religious terrorists DON’T do the above is for one reason:  IS DOESN’T PUT THEM IN THE MEDIA.  These terrorists CHOOSE to employ civil disobedience, just like the terrorists who act in the name of Osama Bin Laden….they want the notoriety, publicity and to be noticed.

If these “fervent” anti-abortionists actually BELIEVED in saving lives, they would.  If the fringe of the religious groups who aren’t actually involved in terrorism actually BELIEVED in the sanctity of life, they would get off their fat asses in the pews and make a difference by preventing unwanted pregnancies.

This terrorism on our home soil will not be stopped because of the protests, clinic bombings, threats and murders of pro-choice Americans.  The only way terrorism on our home soil will be stopped is when the God-fearing “Christians” who proclaim to value life actually start practicing what they preach.  In light of the way I’ve seen moral, Christians react to the murder of Dr. Tiller, I don’t expect that to happen…..unless Jesus comes soon (and it will be interesting to see who is actually LEFT BEHIND).     BLACKOAK

Ed Whelan: Bully

June 10, 2009

There are benefits to blogging pseudonymously.  Being outed by a moronic bully isn’t one of them.   Blackoak

Ed Whelan:Bully

by Kevin  (originally on:

June 7th, 2009

Publius, one of the most interesting bloggers around, put up a post a couple of days ago linking the Eugene Volkhoh’s strong refutation of one of Ed Whelan’s anti-Sotomayor talking points. Publius pointed out just how terrible Whelan’s reasoning was and pointed out that Whelan has a history of shoddy work when it comes to attacking his political opponents. Whelan then published Publius real name. Whelan is transparently attempting to bully Publius. He was incapable of dealing with the arguments that Publius and Volkhoh made and so he attempted to hurt at least one of the people who so thoroughly embarrassed him.

There are two reasons to identify someone who writes pseudonymously: they claim to be someone they are not and the claim has an overwhelming bearing on the credibility of their writing or to bully someone. Publius has claimed nothing that would have a deep bearing on his writing that was not true, and Whelan himself doesn’t even argue that Publius had. So that leaves bullying. In this country your boss can take away your job for anything political that you have ever said. In this country, people can and have tried to fire teachers for holding political opinions different than their own. In this country, people have attacked and even killed people for having political opinions different than their own. Some people have complicated family relationships and don’t want to cause family members pain or discomfort through their writing. Pseudonymous writers can protect themselves from those events and should be allowed to. The free expression fo dieas is perhpas the most important aspect of a strong democracy. If the law does not protect people of relatively less power, then they must find some other way to do so. By destroying that protection, people like Whelan are stating quite clearly that they hope for someone with power over Publius will punish him for the high crime of sowing up Ed Whelan. It is despicable, cowardly, and a direct assault on the free exchange of ideas.

And it proves Ed Whelan to be the hack and hitman Publius and others claimed him to be.

George Tiller needs more than candlelight vigils

June 2, 2009

The doctor’s murder is domestic terrorism, and if our leaders don’t act boldly, there will be more violence

By Gloria Feldt (go to: to see the original post)

June 1, 2009 | I am done with candlelight vigils.

It is good and necessary that people gather together at a candlelight vigil to honor the memory of Dr. George Tiller, murdered in cold blood today at his Lutheran church by an assailant believed to be Montana “Freeman” Scott Roeder. Tiller was a compassionate and courageous doctor who provided abortion services to women in some of the most distressing circumstances imaginable, when their pregnancies had gone horribly, tragically wrong. He provided services when no one else would, and he was stubborn enough to fight against everyone who tried to stop him. So it is right that people express their grief in public ceremonies.

But I myself am done with candlelight vigils. I have participated in too many of them, from 1993 with the murder of Dr. David Gunn in Pensacola through the seven doctors, patient escorts and staff murdered over the horrifying five-year period thereafter. I can never forget the day before New Year’s Eve in 1994. I was, at the time, CEO of Planned Parenthood in Arizona, talking on the phone to Pensacola patient escort June Barrett — who had been wounded when her husband and the clinic’s Dr. John Britton were murdered by anti-abortion zealot Rev. Paul Hill — when I received another urgent call from a friend whose granddaughter worked in Planned Parenthood’s Brookline clinic. The young woman had just witnessed the murder of two co-workers by John Salvi.

Each time, we held vigils all over the country. We wept and we pledged to continue our work. Which we did, increasingly, in isolation. We were the ones who had been wronged, and yet we were labeled controversial, to be shunned rather than supported. The murders were only the tip of the iceberg, among over 6000 cases of violence, vandalism, stalking, bombings, arson, invasions and other serious harassment. 

Later, during the nine years I served as president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, we dramatically beefed up our own security while figuring out how to make our health centers nevertheless welcoming to patients and workers alike. In fact, we got so adept at the task that during post-911 anthrax scares, we provided federal government agencies with model protocols for dealing with such threats. But though self-sufficiency is valuable, a just society should offer much more succor to citizens who are attacked.

That’s why today, after what happened to George Tiller, I know that the only thing that will assuage my personal grief over his shocking loss is for leaders across our nation to join me in expressing outrage at this heinous crime, this domestic terrorism. And yes, they need to call it out in exactly those terms. That’s what it is.

I want to hear massive outrage on the part of the community. I want it to start with President Obama. His statement today is a good beginning.

But that’s not nearly enough. He must immediately outline an action plan to increase federal protection for providers and clinics and call for stringent enforcement of the Federal Access to Clinic Entrances Act. He has an opportunity to make a speech that addresses women’s moral right to reproductive self-determination as passionately as his brilliant speech about race did during the primary. He can and should lead the nation to a larger and more productive conversation about the complex choices women make, and why women deserve the respect, equality and justice inherent in the right to choose to have, or not have, a child. He should bring together pro-choice and anti-choice leaders and get them to issue a joint statement decrying Tiller’s murder as well as all such violent opposition to one another’s efforts. Now that would be real common ground.

But even if the president did all of that, I would still not be ready for another candlelight vigil. The change we need in our culture’s attitudes toward women’s reproductive justice has to happen both top-down and bottom-up.

When it comes to decrying Tiller’s unspeakable murder, I want to hear it from Congress. I want to hear it from clergy, the medical profession, the media and civic leaders: “This kind of violation will not be tolerated. Period.” I want to see leaders and people at the grassroots joining hands together in support of those who provide women with reproductive health services, including abortion. I want them to put the yellow armband on, to assume Tiller’s name as so many took on the Obama’s middle name, Hussein, when he was disparaged during the election. Doctors have a special responsibility. David Toub M.D, MBA, who provided abortions when he was a practicing physician in Philadelphia, told me, “This could have been any of us who provide or provided abortion services. I’m just as annoyed by some of my own colleagues and the American Medical Association who marginalized us and even looked down at anyone involved in providing abortion.”

The silence overall from leaders so far has been deafening, as attorney and longtime Arizona volunteer for reproductive rights causes Leon Silver pointed out. And if our leaders remain silent, I can tell you with perfect assurance what will happen next. There will be more violence.

Dr. Tiller’s friends, family, patients, colleagues and the many pro-choice activists who have supported him over the years need the vigil in Wichita and those springing up elsewhere to mourn the 67-year-old doctor’s death and celebrate his exceptional life. The larger community of reproductive health professionals and activists, including those who bravely escort women safely into and out of health facilities for abortions, need to cry and hug and lift one another up on the wings of their convictions that they are doing God’s work, saving women’s lives in the fullest sense of the word. I am with them in spirit.

But when it comes to changing a culture that has marginalized abortion by shaming women and hounding, even murdering, the doctors and clinic staff who provide safe abortions, when it comes to changing a culture bent on shaming women who are, in all good conscience, making the most moral of personal decisions — candlelight vigils alone will never be enough.