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May 21, 2009

Dear Mr. Dick Chaney,

It’s become obvious to the world that you THINK you were President of the United States for the last eight years.  Come back to reality, sir – YOU WERE NOT ELECTED PRESIDENT.  There’s a reason for that – you didn’t qualify as the person to represent these GREAT UNITED STATES…..and you still don’t.

After hearing your speech today, I’d like to point out a few things to you.

  1. Just because I believe that torture, breaking the law and upholding American values, that does NOT make ME anti-American.
  2. The prisoners at GITMO are already spending thousands of dollars per day of MY tax monies sitting and waiting BECAUSE YOU AND LITTLE SHRUB did not have the legal fortitude to prosecute and convict these “terrorists”.
  3. You and YOUR PRESIDENT already released 2/3 of the detainees that were originally at GITMO.  Does that mean that YOUR actions constitute treason?  In my mind, it does. 
  4. Where is George W. Bush in all of this dialogue?  Are you his lackey, existing only to “cover up” the mistakes that were made in the last eight years? 
  5. YOU did not keep our country safe from terrorist attacks.  THE HONORABLE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY DID THAT.  You just want to take credit for their heroic acts and dishonor their shed blood.

SHAME ON YOU, YOU DESPICABLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING.  You are now just Mr. Citizen.  You do NOT represent the majority of voters who placed PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA in the highest office of this land.

So, since you are a poor excuse for a human being, you were an ineffective excuse for leading these United States, and because you are a traitor – SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!  We AMERICANS are tired of your sick, delusional ranting.  Now, go retire somewhere and shoot a friend…..but most of all, stop the treasonous language that you spout about the current PRESIDENT.  At least he has the courtesy to refrain from releasing pictures of torture FOR WHICH YOU AND LITTLE SHRUB WERE RESPONSIBLE.