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Admitting a mistake

February 4, 2009

Thank GOD we have PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA in the White House.  While he courageously took on the major news outlets yesterday and admitted he “screwed up” in appointing Daschle for Health and Human Services Secretary, at least he admits his mistakes.  He has the courage and intelligence to try a plan, and when it doesn’t work, he moves on in the name of progress for the American people.

The Repugnants…I mean, Republicans can only admire “little bushy” because he sat in front of the television cameras and admitted he had no regrets and wouldn’t do anything differently during his 8 years of failure.  “Little Bushy” is not repentant for the lives lost because of his decisions, nor does he regret the misery he has brought upon this nation. Shame on you Repugnants!

So today, we have Repugnants in our Congress who are whining and belly-aching because the stimulus package isn’t giving enough in tax credits.  Well hells bells….you jackasses had 8 long years to do something about our economy and all you could do is brag on your “little bushy” a.k.a. George, Jr. and tell the world what a great “decider” he was.

Besides that you Repugnants cheered on the “little bushy” as he managed to spend $12 million per month on the IRAQIs while allowing AMERICANS to lose their jobs, their homes and have little or no health care.  Let’s see, I think I’d call that being a traitor for spending that much money on foreigners (damn those border bashing despots) instead of hard working Americans.  Yes, TRAITOR is the synonym for Republicans who stood by idly while the “little bushy” allowed our economy to tank, did nothing for improving the lives of Americans and positioned our country to be the laughingstock of the world.

So, John McCain, it’s a damned good thing you weren’t elected.  Americans couldn’t take another 4 years of a traitor at the White House.  Do you think I speak too strongly under anonymous cover?  Well, contact me and I’ll tell you what I really think in a face to face meeting or over the phone.  Senator McCain you have the opportunity to do what few Republican leaders have ever done….work with a Democratic PRESIDENT to improve the lives of Americans.  And all I see you doing is standing in front of cameras with your frat buddies in the Senate criticizing the stimulus plan that our PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA put forth.  Unless you can come to the table and negotiate as an adult, responsibly advocating for the American people, just go home to Arizona.  Retire and spend your money on the things you enjoy.  And please, leave the decision making and Senate leadership to the men who actually giva a rats’ ass whether people work, have homes to live in and have enough money to pay their bills.