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Two-faced Palin can’t take the media HEAT

January 21, 2009

Whaaaaaa!  Whaaaaaa!  Whaaaaa!  That’s the sound of Sarah Palin whining because the media is reporting about her family.  You know, this sniveling, two-faced politican marched the whole famn damily in front of the cameras during the campaign, never giving a hint of hesitation that those children might be uncomfortable or tired.  Nope, we saw little Trig being bounced about by Bristol at every whistlestop, wagged into the Republican National Convention and marched before cameras at every turn.  Palin didn’t seem to be too concerned then about the baby staying out late at campaign events so she could use the “Mommy card” for photo ops.

Yet now the Palin “children” are off limits?  Don’t question Bristol’s decision to drop out of high school because she’s Palin’s daughter.  Get real, this is not a little kid, she got knocked up, decided to have the baby, and Sarah Palin USED her daughter for the media attention….just like she’s doing now.  Bristol is an adult.  If she wants the media to stop, why can’t she speak up?

Oh, and don’t forget that before her campaign Ms. Palin was asked what she thought about Hillary Clinton’s allegations that she was treated unfairly during the primaries.  Palin said Clinton did herself a disservice to even mention it. The governor said it bothered her to hear Clinton “bring that attention to herself on that level.”   Hmmm, so Ms. Palin can throw rocks at another woman who brings up the unfairness of media scrutiny, but she doesn’t mind bringing attention to herself at THAT level.  What a hypocritical witch!

Ms. Palin, the rest of America sees what you’re desperate to do….call attention to yourself hoping America won’t “forget” you.  Well, lady, using your children as an excuse, shield, and for publicity mongering only continues to show us your true motives.  If you’re so concerned about the welfare of your family, stop putting them in front of the media at every turn.  If you’re serious about being in politics, then start reading some books (oh my, books?) to learn about our foreign policy (beyond your front porch) , domestic economic issues and problems that face REAL American families.

Then we’ll all be happy that you are otherwise occupied and hope you’ll finally sit down and shut up!