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Waiting for the PUMAs to kick up some votes!

November 4, 2008

Yes, I’m waiting patiently…..for the outspoken, deeply maligned, horribly betrayed PUMAs to kick up some votes!  Let’s see, there are at least 3 of them, or maybe 4.  Do you think that standing by principles one last time to screw yourselves is a wise decision?  Well, you’ve made your point.  The entire country knows there are a group of whackjobs who can’t see beyond their own hurt feelings.

So, I’m waiting to see the results of all of this growling and snarling by the PUMAs.  They certainly have made their point….the DNC has noticed that they are prowling for a “righteous” woman to lead their narrow minded charge.  In fact, I’d venture to guess that the PUMAs can take responsibility for more men who will not take women voters and their needs seriously.

You want to really make a statement, get votes and make your point that the DNC has betrayed you?  Then whining and voting for the Repubs won’t get you anywhere.  Why don’t you unite and form a third party?  Why don’t you put forth a platform that encourages women to be involved in the politics of this country?  Why don’t you channel all of that anger and hatred into something that will benefit this country?  Well, I know why you won’t….. it would be too much tough WORK, committment and focus on a future that involves someone other than your selfish selves.

I can’t wait for Wednesday morning!!!