In tonight’s debate John McCain says, “Senator I AM NOT PRESIDENT BUSH!”


John McCain spouted a rude remark to Barack Obama – and Obama stuck to his guns, continuing to speak about the economy.  McCain looked angry, uncomfortable and perturbed.  He was sour and really uncomfortable in his own skin.

McCain went on the offensive, was disrespectful and angry.  If John McCain sincerely wants to end the negative, mud-slinging then he should have rebuked Sarah Palin for speaking of Obama as “paling around with terrorists”. 

So many of McCain/Palin’s remarks have been spiteful and negative.  If they really wanted to get ahead and distance McCain from “the little Bushy”, then McCain should get rid of the Karl Rove advisers – and go back to being the true moderate he was 8 years ago.

So, thankfully the debates are over and McCain can go back to Arizona and get a nap.  Good nite, grumpy!


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