Angry, pissed off Republicans


On occassion I have the opportunity to read the blogs of other WordPress bloggers.  Today I stumbled upon one of the most refreshingly, funny blogs:

Of course, this blog is purported to be an 82 year old woman blasting away at the Republicans – especially blasting away about Sarah Palin.  The tone is honest, funny and manages to piss-off several neo-cons who can’t quite get the “free speech” perogative of an elderly woman who has worked hard and paid taxes longer than they’ve been counting their stocks.  In fact, there’s one guy who posts regularly, claims he’s a cop in New Jersey and cannot resist blubbering smack to anyone on Helen’s blog with whom he disagrees.  I think it’s funny.

As I’ve stood back and watched the debates, listened to the radio shows, watched the evening news and read the papers, I’ve noticed that right now Republicans are furious.  Some are furious with “little bushy” and his administration for betraying them and letting their fat-cat rich buddies pilfer off the monies from the banks before they could get to it.  Others are angry because the moderate John McCain that most of America respected 8 years ago, seems to be dithering away, undecided in his loyalties to Karl Rove or to his own reputation. 

And then again, I’ve heard of Republican women who are laughably furious because the media, and bloggers like Helen are taking swings at Sarah Palin.  Well, hell, of course they’re angry….they’ve denied that women had rights, intelligence, political acuity and a place in history for so long, and NOW they want to claim that Sarah is their savior.  So, maybe they are learning you can’t piss on other women who want to progress and then turn around and condemn those who follow your right-wing, prejudice, racist actions.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  And they claim to be the “best” stay at home moms, rearing their little ones by home-schooling, and gosh, darn-it being more righteous and moral than any pro-choice, Democratic mom who works outside the home.

Aside from that, the majority of Republicans are really PISSED OFF because their bank accounts are dwindling.  And that, my friend is the funniest part of all.  They’ve claimed to be concerned about other middle and lower middle class Americans for so long.  And now, some of them are right in line with the rest of us.  Of course, the richest of the Republicans won’t suffer a bit.  Like “little bushy” they will always be able to sleeze along pretending to be “one of us”.

So, as the angry, pissed off Republicans pray that God doesn’t allow Barack Obama to get into the White House, I personally am LMAO because the “have nots” just may vote in a black man (ohhhhh, God help us!!!!) and then now only will the Republicans have to suffer the losses of their income/investments because of the “little bushy” they chose, but they’ll have to sit by and watch as normal people in America get a let up for a change.

Let’s all take out our violins as we watch the little pissed off Republicans go into their corners and cry.


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One Response to “Angry, pissed off Republicans”

  1. Richard Brisco Says:

    Very well said!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!

    Vote Obama!!!!

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