McCain: ‘Fundamentals Of Economy Strong’…


Sometimes the fake angst portrayed by John McCain just makes me sick.  He thinks our economy is fundametally strong?  This is further verification that this man is sleepwalking at best.

Lehman Brothers can’t find a buyer, Merrill Lynch is being bought in a bargain-basement sale by Bank of America, Wall Street has its’ worst day since the 9/11 disaster and this Presidential candidate thinks we have a fundametally strong economy?  Maybe in his wealthy household this is true…but this isn’t the reality of millions of Americans.

Now McCain thinks that the “Karl Rove shift and shuffle” of the last eight years is something that the American public will continue to swallow whole – without thinking twice about the truth. 

Dear Senator McCain,      Go back to the Senate and try to fix the screwed up mess that your Republican cronies have given us in this economy.  Go back to the Senate and try to find the decency and backbone to get America out of the debt that we owe the world.

Believe me, that’s the best place for you….because we don’t want you in the White House with your wife’s bankroll behind you.


A pissed off American


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